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We are dedicated to making you feel your best..

To us, cosmetics and beauty care are all about relaxation and enjoyment for both your body and soul. Relax with our exceptional and effective beauty treatments and allow yourself and your body to get the rest you need in a rejuvenating environment.

The extensive educational experiences every stylist has undergone guarantees you a head turning result nothing short of perfection. Feel free to try one or several until you arrive at the one who you mesh with perfectly.

Find our full list of services below.

Deva Specialized Curly Hair Services

TERRA's trained staff of hair professionals and hydration specialists offer a range of services that nurture clients senses and spirit as well as their hair. Our expert staff trains each client in the fundamentals of daily hair care and styling, encouraging and supporting them to embrace and enjoy the authentic quality of their hair every day.

The Deva Cutting technique is TERRA's revolutionary method for cutting curly hair. The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry not wet. We cut the hair in its natural form, curl by curl. Since curly hair and it's spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet. This unique innovation allows the stylist to sculpt each client's hair, according to their individual curl, look, and style. Included is a self curl care lesson to take you beyond the salon.

Haircuts And Styles:

Women $50 - 90
Men $30 - 48
Girls (12 & under) $40 - 60
Boys (12 & under) $20 - 35
Teen Girls (13-18) $45 - 80
Teen Boys (13-18) $25 - 38
Bang Trim (complemenary for existing clients) $10 - 15
Blow Dry / Style $30 - 50
Blowdry style & curls $50 - 75
Down style w/curls $40 - 60
Formal Style (no wash) $60 - 110
Formal Style (w/blowdry) $95 - 115
Bridal Hair $105 - 125
Conditioning Treatment $15 - 35


To be Determined by a Stylist.


Full Perm $90 - 120
Partial Perm $75 - 100
Keratin Express Treatment $180 - 210
Keratin Smoothing Treatment $250 - 300


To be quoted by an extensionist.