Hair Removal-Waxing, Sugaring, or Threading Services

Hair removal is effective. Lasting up to six weeks, hair removal saves time, slows down hair growth and leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and shiny. To accommodate your skin type, sensitivity and your personal preferences, Terra offers a variety of hair removal products such as:

  • Regular Wax-for all skin types
  • Blue Hard Azuline Wax-for sensitive skin
  • Natural Sugar-for all skin types and very short hair
  • Threading-ancient method, quick and efficient; excellent for facial hair
  • Eyebrow Plucking-available upon request


Brow $17
Lip or chin or sides $15
Brow and Lip $32
Full Face $50
Tint Brow $15
Tint Lash $25
Tint and Shape Brow $30
Ears $10
Nose $10
Henna brow $25


Underarm $20
Arms Full $35
Arms Half $25
Back or Chest $45
Bikini $30
French $40
Brazilian $50
Legs Full $60
Legs Half $35
Half Legs and Brazilian $70
Full Legs and Brazilian $90
Half Legs and Bikini $60
Full Legs and Bikini $70
Full Body $130