Custom Spray Tan 15 min $40

In just 15-30 min you will get a healthy, glowing, flawless tan that will last up to a week without exposure to those harmful, damaging sun rays. Our product is organic, hypoallergenic and good for all skin types. Available for Men and Women.

FAQs About Spray Tan

Should I do anything before the service?

We recommend exfoliating your body with an oil-free scrub or just a loofah and soap. Do not apply any body lotion or cream.

What do I wear?

You should wear loose fitting clothing with a bikini underneath or we can supply a disposable bikini for you.

Will the "tanning solution" stain my clothes?

The solution is water soluble and will not permanently stain your clothing.

When can I take a shower after the "spray tan"?

You can take a shower 8-12 hours after the application for optimal results. Do not scrub your body with the towel after the shower but rather pat yourself dry.

How long does it last?

With the proper care the tan lasts up to a week, or sometimes even longer. We recommend not scrubbing your body and keeping it moisturized for optimal results.